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Bodhran Classes - Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School

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Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School Bodhrán Classes

Bodhrán, the Irish frame drum, plays an important role in Irish traditional music. The Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School strives to give our students access to the some of the best bodhrán players and instructors from Ireland and around the world. From learning new techniques to tackling complicated rhythmic patterns, our students consistently walk away with challenging material that will take their playing to new levels.

2022 Bodhrán Classes

Our three day bodhrán courses this year (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels) follow a cohesive approach to learning bodhrán at the Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School! All levels for this year’s bodhrán course will have a specific focus for each day:

  • Day 1 (Tuesday) will be dedicated to the tipping/stick hand
  • Day 2 (Wednesday) will concentrate on the voicing/back hand
  • Day 3 (Thursday) will cover what to play- tactics and methods for accompanying tunes in an appropriate manner.

We're lucky to have both Cara Wildman and Andy Kruspe available to teach intermediate and advanced level classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, giving you the opportunity to study the instrument at their level for three hours each day if you sign up for classes with both instructors.

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